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17s Girls Trans Tasman Series

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Australia has a strong and proud  history in this division, most recently obtaining a 3-0 series clean sweep over the kiwi’s in 2015 on Australian soil.  Our Aussie Girls are setting themselves the challenge of repeating their efforts this time in New Zealand’s backyard. Formerly 18s Girls, the division age group has been adjusted in 2017 to align with New Zealand age groups.

Sending a team to represent their country internationally is not a cheap exercise. Players only recieve a very small subsidy, which does not come close to covering their travel costs. Each girl will face out of pocket expenses of between $1,500 - $2,000 for the privillege to play. Your tax-deductible donation will help cover the girls' out-of-pocket expenses, and will allow them to focus on performing their best- not counting pennies.



Mercantile Rowing Club

Mercantile Rowing Club Development Fund

Raising funds for the development of Mercantile Rowing Club.

ART NQ Roller Skating Club Inc.

ART NQ Roller Skating Club Inc.

Our goal is to promote the sport of artistic roller skating in the greater Townsville area.

Black Mountain Rowing Club Inc

BMRC Boats and Equipment Fund

We are raising money to improve the quality of our fleet and other equipment, to meet the needs and expectations of our members.



ART NQ Roller Skating Club Inc.

Run an Artistic Competition and Test Centre in Townsville

Raising money to host an Artistic Competition and Test Centre in Townsville.



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