About the project

The Trans-Tasman Test Series features the best Touch Football athletes from Australia and New Zealand (the strongest Touch Football nations) in a battle for ultimate bragging rights. The 2016 Trans-Tasman series is unique as it will feature for the first time the addition of a third nation – Japan, creating an international tri-series. The series in its traditional AUS vs NZ format, occurs every two years and alternates hosting rights between Australia and New Zealand. The 2016 Trans-Tasman Tri Series is being held in Auckland, New Zealand. As with any sport, it is the ultimate honour to represent your country and compete at the highest level of your sport. Touch Football is a user pays sport and international tours such as this do not come cheap for our athletes. The fee for this tour is $1,500 per person and this does not include the cost of travel for pre-selection camps and participation in required national and state selection events. With all these items considered on average it costs our players between $3,000-$5,000 to achieve their dreams and represent Australia.


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