About the project

Tri State Games is an annual sporting competition for adults aged athletes with a disability living in SA, NSW or Victoria. Our annual event includes participation in the following sports:
  • Team sports - soccer, tee ball, lawn bowls, croquet, bocce, basketball, cricket etc
  • Athletics Track & Field
  • Swimming
  • Indoor sports - darts, 8 ball, table tennis, quoits, target throws, putting, etc
Athletes compete as a part of a team normally supported by a disability service organisation, local parent support group or other community group. Around 300 athletes compete in Tri State Games each year. People with a disability find it particularly hard to access the opportunity to compete in active sport against their peers. There are a number of barriers to their participation in active sport that Tri State Games is able to break down. Donate today and support the Tri State Games! Find out more about us on our website or Facebook.

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