About the project

We are seeking assistance to help with Travel and Team Costs for our U16's Nationals Teams - competing in the October school holidays. The girls this year are again travelling to Hobart and the Boys U16's will be held in Perth - the first time Perth has held the championships in many years. Funds to help with Travel and team costs for our Triton U16's Nationals Teams.

  • Oliver Fonda

    Go boys and girls, do your best!

  • Christine Siddaway

    Good luck to the girls

  • Bryan Smith

    Go Triton boys and girls!!

  • Danielle Woodhouse

    I really dont like sausages so more than happy to have a virtual sausage for a good cause!

  • Tammy Hoysted

    Good luck to all players, coaches, managers and especially house parents :-)

  • Nikki Pead

    My sausages were delicious!

  • Jemma Day

    Good luck at Nationals Triton Boys and Girls!!!

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