About the project

As the new season commences the Club seeks your financial support.

As you know it is expensive to run clubs and hence corporate support is an essential component of having a successful season. Plus it is a way for you to stay connected and invested in the Club's success, especially if you can’t get down to the hill and watch as many games as you would have liked.

A close UWA colleague once told me that he stopped giving to a cause because they stopped asking. We hope that you are in a position to support the Club to be the best it can be. Funds raised will help support player development and coaching as well as clubroom improvements.

Last year we celebrated our 90th season with a return to semi-final action, narrowly missing out on progressing to the Grand Final. 

With your help we can do better. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible!

Let's make 2020 a hugely successful year.

Go Uni!

  • Graham Aldous

    Proud Centurian

  • Jayden Wallis

    Merry Gentleman are we

  • Samuel Medway

    Balls to Soaks.

  • Bill Bowman

    Always happy to support UWA. Great club. Great people.

  • Richard Henning

    see you on the hill

  • MICHAEL Cleaver

    Remember, these playing days could possibly be the best days of your life.

  • Paul Warren

    GO UNI :) The Warrens are right behind you!!!

  • Cameron Boys

    I hate Associates.

  • Michael Woods

    No need.

  • Tom Cassidy

    Balls to soaks.

  • Tim Davies

    Go you good things

  • Tim Maddern

    Good luck with the year ahead.

  • Jonathan Werrett

    get up there uni 🖕

  • Cade Kelan OBrien

    Please continue to build at grassroots

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