About the project

The VA12SC is a small community-based sailing club, a hidden gem standing over the water on Kutti Beach. Sabots have been sailed from this club since 1958. 

In January 2020 the VA12SC is hosting the SABOT NATIONALS. This regatta provides the opportunity to engage the Watsons Bay community and give some 80+ sailors and their families a great regatta. Preparations are well underway by the volunteer mums and dads. A new kitchen is going in and new website has just gone live.

With your support we believe we can make this a fantastic regatta that will give forward to the next generation of kids. Your help by donating will add to the success of this regatta. Alternatively, if you can contribute goods or services to the regatta please email us sabotnationals2020@gmail.com. We are going to do this right to ensure not only a successful regatta but also sure up the club and its traditional community values for many years to come.


  • Tom Reynolds

    Looking forward to a terrific and fun filled event full of good will and camaraderie! Can't wait to see a great Sabot Fleet on the water in this spectacular location.

  • grant pellew

    We wish all the sailors the best of luck and hope the event is extremely successful.

  • Steve Jarvin

    Steve Mothy Jarvin

  • Captain Starwars

    Starwars FamouS

  • David OLoughlin

    Have a great Regatta

  • Brett Trevillian

    Looking forward to this great event for the next sailing generation. It is great to support the grass roots level of sailing in the community that has been there for 60+ years in Sydney.

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