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About the project

OUR Mission

To provide an unsurpassed volleyball experience to players of all ages, skills and gender, by encompassing highly qualified coaches, up to date software and equipment, regardless of cultural, social and economic status.

OUR Vision

We will provide:

  • An opportunity for all athletes to learn and improve their skills to the highest level
  • Participate in national camps led by national and international coaches 
  • Offer membership/subscription at a minimal cost to athletes therefore not prejudicing those able to attend
  • The possibility to represent VIP in international tours
  • Compete at the highest level – regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Develop a volleyball community and social competition locally that promotes fun and enjoyment

The cost of entering teams into the premiere volleyball competition (State League) will cost approx $10,000 ( 4 X $950 and 3 x $2000

Junior entry cost per team $950

Open Team entry per team $2000

With volleyball growing in numbers and interest increasing our club has enough participants to field:

  • 2 junior boys' teams
  • 2 junior girls' teams
  • 2 open women's teams
  • and 1 open men's team

Of course we are always looking for more members

We also need to have playing uniforms for all members which include both home and away strips, shorts and a training shirt.

Total cost to fit out all 7 teams (10 players per team) is around $6500.

As we are a new club that has a very small financial base we are seeking tax deductible donations from community minded people and businesses that share our mission of providing the best possible coaching to any person who wishes to play volleyball at the highest possible level for the least possible cost.

With the help of your tax deductible donation we hope to achieve our mission and our members ultimate goal.

Did you know your donation to this project is tax deductible?

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more to approved projects on our website are tax deductible.

Shortly after making your donation, you’ll receive an official receipt from the ASF that you can use in your income tax return.

If you have any questions about your donation, please visit https://asf.org.au/faqs