About the project

WA iSports believes that Inclusive communities will demonstrate through actions and attitudes, respect, valuing and empowerment of the participant.

Our main objective is to provide opportunities for the development of skills, social interaction and the improvement of the health and wellbeing of people with Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (AS) by providing access to a diverse range of sporting programs that cater for individual needs and take into account personal goals and preferences. Although our organisation is focused on building opportunities for people with ID, it is not exclusive and all members of the community are eligible to apply for membership.

As a Club that welcomes all members of the community provides training in sports that are selected based on the interests of members and encourages participation rather than competition we are unique to WA.

As an organisation we:

  •  Welcome and embrace everyone
  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Value the unique qualities each individual brings to the Club
  • Encourage participation as opposed to competition
  • Actively encourage diversity
  • Deliver programs based on the interest of athletes
  • Facilitate inclusive sporting opportunities
  • Have experienced and qualified coaches in all sports
  • Provide opportunities for everyone to actively participate
  • Provide a safe environment for the health and wellbeing of all our athletes & volunteers.
  • Optimise each individual to enable them to reach their full potential
  • Provide opportunities for the development of friendships & building of networks
  • Provide workshops for athletes, families and support workers and volunteers to further develop their knowledge and or skills
  • Deliver an Athlete Development Program
  • Run inclusive multi sports days that brings the community together in a day full of fun and laughter.


  • Antonio Bandera

    Josef Bandera

  • Steve Jobson


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