About the project

Warranor Junior Football Club (WJFC), based in Warragul in country Victoria, is seeking to raise much-needed funds for a video scoreboard and spectator's pavilion as part of it's bold plan to expedite the development of infrastructure at Logan Park Reserve.

After 56 years, we finally have a place to call home at Logan Park, which has a terrific little oval with great turf, lights and changerooms. It is however bereft of any sort of shelter, has a squeezy little canteen, does not have a permanent scoreboard or timekeeper's box, and does not provide all-access amenity.

This is not about raising funds for a small club. This is about a small club taking the lead to raise funds for the whole community. 

Warranor Junior Football Club wants to make Logan Park not only a facility that fosters grass roots footy, but a recreational asset that benefits other clubs, visitors and all Baw Baw Shire residents.

Funds raised will go directly into an Infrastructure Trust Account and shall be spent solely for this purpose. Governance shall be provided by WJFC Committee, AFL Gippsland, and Australian Sports Foundation in consultation with Baw Baw Shire Council.

Some of Gippsland's born and bred AFL players are lending their voice to our campaign and sharing their greatest junior footy memories. Join us to help build facilities and life-long memories for our club and community.

If you don't wish for us to promote your donation on Facebook or e-newsletter, please let us know within 24 hours of donating via gowarranor@outlook.com.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.


  • Penny Glover

    Good luck to the Warranor Junior Football Club, Hope you raise the money soon that you need for your scoreboard and pavilion.

  • Rishi Deep

    Wanigavitharana - # Go Warranor

  • Alison Morgan

    George and Jack Morgan

  • John Morgan

    Morgan #gowarranor

  • George Morgan Snr Snr...

    Morgan boys

  • Lauren Beckwith

    Morgan Family

  • Stuart Arms

    Damo Leslie is the man.

  • Simone Smith

  • Mark Thompson

    Zac Thompson

  • Miles Doughty

    Go Warranor!!!!

  • Andrew French

    French u10 and u12

  • Family West


  • Sidney Hobson for HQH PTY LTD

    Love you little man Zachary Thompson from Pop

  • Neville Thompson

    This is a donation on behalf of our grandson Zac Thompson

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