About the project

We are proposing a two stage development.

Stage 1 of the precinct development plan will provide a complete upgrade of the twelve existing non-compliant netball courts including the sub-service level, to bring the facility up to twelve compliant courts, meeting the current Australian Netball standards and meeting Regional Facility requirements (8+ courts) of Netball Victoria.  The upgrade will ensure drainage and retainer walls are adequate to improve the longevity of the courts.  Fencing for safety and security of the WDNA members will also be upgraded.  The funding will also see much needed shelters installed for our spectators & members.  Plus, new 100 lux lighting to all 12 courts which will enable our teams to train at night

Stage 2 is to upgrade our existing pavilion and surrounding areas (car parking, public toilets etc.) 

These upgrades will ensure Waverley District Netball Association has the best and most up to date facilities in the area, that are both female and family friendly and built to cater for not only our immediate needs, but cater for future demand and participation growth of our community.

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