About the project

The Waverley Hockey Club, like many in our community, is struggling through the significant impact of COVID-19 and face an uncertain future.

The timing of this pandemic is precarious for the Club, after major capital outlays in the last 12 months for new lighting and $50,000 worth of pitch repair work completed in February. We have also paid the vast majority of 2020ā€™s winter season costs and will continue to incur overheads, lease costs and interest on our loan.

Our 2020 playing season has been indefinitely postponed and the delayed start to the season means that Club's only revenue has come from loyal supporters who have purchased memberships and a few sponsors to whom we are extremely grateful.

Now, more than ever, we need you the #PantherPride

We are calling on our passionate community, supporters and all members to make a donation of any amount to save our Club. Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, your donation will be tax deductible and even a small amount of money would be a great support to the club.

Whatever you can give, all amounts are welcome and with the end of the financial year approaching you can claim this via your personal tax return or via your business.

Please consider what being part of the Panther Pride means to you and how you can help at this difficult time.



  • Vicki Rabel

    Go Panthers

  • Dwayne Rabel

    Go Waves

  • Lewis Matthews

    Go Wavs

  • Colin Batch

    This is my small contribution & thank you to all at the Waverley club who assisted in my journey to arrive where I am today, cheers Colin

  • Malcolm Hull

    My father Kingsley Hull & my Uncle Hedley Hull were foundation members of the WHC, They are both life members. I have very fond memories of the years I played hockey with the WHC. I urge all supporters of the club to contribute to the fund raising. I look forward to the WHC vs CHC games. We are overdue for a win. Good luck Panthers. Cheers, Malcolm Hull

  • Steve Batch

    Hard times always bring out the best in quality people - that has always been the essence of Waverley! I pledge my support not only to help save the club during this difficult time but also back up to the top where they belong - Go Panthers! All the very best, Seve.

  • Ruby Anastasio

    I love my panther family xoxo

  • Jacqueline Saddington

    May Waverley Hockey Club continue to thrive and grow in Member numbers and when hockey does resume again we can all support this wonderful club. Till we can all get back playing again hope you all stay fit and healthy Cheers Jackie

  • Luke Anthony

    Go Wavs!

  • Diana Hansen


  • Emily Paton

    Go Wavs

  • Alan Ballard

    Stay strong waverley

  • Yvonne Coles

    I have had a great deal of joy from coming to Waverley Hockey Club and watching my grandsons play.

  • Matt Barca


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