About the project

A club with a colourful history, West Adelaide was formed around 1892 wearing red, white and blue switching to the old Adelaide Football club colours of red and black when it joined the South Australian Football Association in 1897.

Like so many clubs and businesses, Westies is feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and needs your support now more than ever. Government restrictions means all income streams for the club have been shut down – with the only exception being Memberships and Donations.

It’s a tough time for all, but anyone that is in a position to make a donation, small or large, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

All donations are valuable and will support West Adelaide to weather the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Donations of $2 or more to Keep the Pack Running are tax deductible.



  • Stephen Saunders

    There’s only 2 rules - 1 Never quit - 2 Remember rule 1. WAFC forever

  • robert halse

    very pleased to support the club which is being magnificently run by staff and volunteers and players

  • Dion Lowe

    Go the Bloods!!!

  • Michael Branson

    Let's keep our club alive. It is a huge part of my life, as I am sure it is for many others. West Adelaide 'til I die.

  • Tim Schild

    Go the Bloods.

  • Cheer Squad

    Go Tha Bloods!!!!

  • John White

    A great footy club and it's been a big part of my life for decades. Important that we survive and thrive!

  • Cheer Squad

    Not long now Bloods, hang in there and we'll all be back banging that fence for ya in no time!

  • Sandra Pearson

    Go the mighty bloods!!!!


    Happy to be running with the pack !

  • Tom Rundle


  • Karen Crewdson

    For those who have always made me feel a part of the pack. Special thanks to Gavin, Dits and Bridget, and to the players who always give their time generously for a chat #34 #15 #27 #6 #16 #11 #37 #42 #24 #1 #21 #30 #10 #19. Hope to add more to the list this year.

  • David Pricew

    Onward ever onward

  • Peter Banfield

    Important that we keep this great Club alive. As a past player, B & F winner,State player,I loved wearing the number 31 and playing for the Club. I had some great times at this club and I gave my all week in and week out. Please give what you can to keep this club alive. Peter Banfield 31

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