About the project

The purpose of the project is to enable greater participation of current under age group athletes from Western Australia at the National Cross Country Championships outside restrictions of the school teams environment, where a particular school may not be sending a team. This will allow greater opportunities for individual athletes to participate in a national championship event which ultimately benefits athletes from exposure to high level competition. It also will demonstrate to other athletes the possibilities of competing in subsequent national championships, especially to individuals outside the school environment.


About West Australian Sports Development Association

We are especially focused on providing opportunities for athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds to compete at competitions that would be otherwise be denied them due to their socio-economic situations. Our aim is to focus on athletes and sports that have a harder time in raising the necessary funds for participation in competitions. We intend to achieve these aims not just with money but by assisting athletes with information on how to promote themselves, how to improve training techniques, connecting athletes with coaches and coaching materials and how clubs can develop better systems and facilities to encourage grassroots participation and retention of participants.

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