About the project

In 2017 West Brunswick Amateur Football Club welcomed female players for the first time in the new Victorian Amateur Football Association Women's competition. This has seen the club's numbers grow dramatically and has brought about a significant cultural change for the better.

To encourage women to get involved in footy, whether for the first time ever or returning after a time away, we have tried to keep our women's fees to a minimum. This places added financial strain on the club so we are fundraising to support our expanding women's football program.

To ensure the sustainability of our club and to provide the best possible footballing experience for our new and returning players, we are asking for donations from players, friends and family members and all supporters of West Brunswick Amateur Football Club. Through our fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, contributions are tax deductible so show your support by donating today!


  • Marto Marto

    Go Westies

  • Sally Wolfe

    A very beautiful bunch of people x

  • Susan ALBERTI AC

    Very pleased I could donate to such a worthy cause Regards Sue

  • Bert Goldsmith

    I only wish I could afford to donate more. When I move back to Melbourne I'll be shouting my support from the fence. Play hard, enjoy every minute

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