About the project

FencingWA is the governing body for the Olympic sport of Fencing in Western Australia. FencingWA organises local and state competitions, interfaces with the national fencing body (Australian Fencing Federation)including entry to national competitions and promotes the rules of the Federation Internationale D’Escrime (FIE) for fencing in WA. We have Fencing clubs throughout the WA metropolitan area, and several in regional locations, which are affiliated to our organisation. Our members enjoy fencing on both a competitive and social level. We have developed a relationship with the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) and our fencers are involved in both WAIS High performance Scholarships, and the WAIS developing champions programme to aid our young aspiring athlete’s development. The cost of accommodation and airfares is a barrier to higher level participation for many of our most promising young athletes. Your donation will help FencingWA raise $20,000 to help support our athletes participating in National Fencing Championships this year. For more information visit our website at www.FencingWA.com


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