About Western Suburbs Magpies Soccer Club

Western Suburbs Magpies Soccer Club has been established to assist the community as a whole in having a Club that will assist junior development without any exorbitant costs. Our aim therefore will be to be a family friendly Club where it is not only for enjoyment, but where the children come to learn discipline,

Passion and a hunger for success will be the outcomes for our Senior teams. Players, Parents, Supporters and Volunteers will want to be with the Magpies.

But without much needed funds we wont be able to achieve our goals. The funds will also ensure we have the best people teaching the right courses to our children. 

One of the main aims of the WSMSC id to ensure players under the ages of 11 do not have to pay hefty fees, if any at all. We want them to get a headstart as well by having their shorts and socks supplied.

The Club will be the envy of all within the Soccer community, as we will set high standards and ensure we go higher each and every year. 

You can say that you were apart of our success story by donating and help us get started.

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