About the project

We are conducting a fundraising campaign for Wests Scarborough Junior Rugby Union Club to assist our Under 9’s team who are touring to Singapore in November for the Centaurs International Rugby Tournament.

The 2018 tournament featured 158 teams with over 2000 players from around the world. Wests Scarborough Under 9’s team made the Grand Final.

The aim is to raise sufficient funds so all players are able to participate in the tournament, regardless of their socioeconomic background and create a fund to continue to assist with future years. 

Wests Scarborough Junior Rugby Union Club provides an inclusive culture where everyone welcome and a fantastic opportunity for children’s sporting and personal development. It encourages physical activity and builds friendships that last a lifetime. We encourage you to support our clubs efforts to continue to teach our players skills in both sport and life.

These tours are integral in further developing the Rugby skills of our players by competing against teams from around the globe as well as providing a once in a lifetime experience for our players.

Wests Scarborough Rugby Union Club is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation so all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please show your support for our Under 9’s team and the club by making a tax deductible donation today!



  • Daniel White

    Go Wests!

  • Robert Rattray

    Good luck team and Protex are always ready to support a local sports club

  • Yohan Perera

    Wish all the best upcoming Rugby tour

  • Nada Turnbull

    What an awesome experience and good luck with the tournament :)

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