About White Star Dandenong Soccer Club

White Star Dandenong is a Soccer Club serving the community of Greater Dandenong and its surrounding suburbs. Our aim is to bring our diverse community together, by breaking down cultural barriers, keeping youth active and promoting the sport of soccer in a fun, competitive environment. We believe that through soccer, we can help unite the families of one of the most diverse multicultural councils of Australia. By keeping fees low we reduce the barriers stopping people from playing and encourage more people to join. At the same time, charging low fees presents a challenge to meet expenses, pay for equipment, reimburse coaches, and deliver high quality training sessions. We are also currently trying to recruit more coaches which will help us serve a greater number of kids. Partnering with us means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, and this is a real benefit to donors wanting to support us. Your donation will go towards growing the sport in our area, will enable us to serve a greater number of people in the community, and will help us to get more kids out of the house and playing the sport we love.

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