About the project

Williamstown Football Club has a donation target of $23,000 to buy a GPS unit for each Seagull who takes the field.

This is an important initiative for the Club as it enables us to better compete against the AFL Clubs within the VFL competition. 

GPS units are devices which get inserted into the back of a player's guernsey and track distances run, the intensity of those distances run, as well as being able to better analyse player performance.

They are also important tools for injury prevention and management.

We have registered with the Australian Sports Foundation to enable donations to be tax deductible, so we encourage all Seagulls supporters to dig deep and make a contribution to this important project to ensure our players can continue to compete against full-time footballers.

  • Glenn and Helen Allison

    Sponsorship of Williamston Premiship Cup Replica.

  • judi jeremiah

    my team for ever.

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