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Willunga Recreation Park Redevelopment

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About the project

The Willunga Recreation Park renovation program is a 3 stage program which includes:

Stage 1

       Provision of Female changerooms

        new toilet facilities accessible to all users

         Landscaping  the space at the rear of the Festival Hall

         Establishing a deck at the rear of the hall with views of the park

         Building new football changerooms

Stage 2

         Upgrade of the stadium floor

         Insulated, acoustic cladding in the stadium

       Removal and replacement of the existing toilets

         Provision of new kitchen facilities

         Extension of the Sports and Social clubrooms

         New entrance and exposure of the current breezeway as an entertainment area 

Stage 3        

      Landscaping the area behind the Clubrooms including the provision of additional toilets

       Expansion of the stadium to include a multi-use room


Willunga Recreation Park is also seeking additional funding from government sources. If it is successful it will enable all stages to be completed at the same time otherwise a staggered approach will be adopted as funds become available. The funding from government will be limited to 50% of the costs with the remainder being funded by Willunga Recreation Park Inc.


 The complete upgrade will be of great benefit to the sporting clubs, community organisations and the general community which use the Willunga Recreation Park premises. In particular the new facilities will cater for female sporting teams with the changerooms being specifically designed for female use. The changerooms will also be designed to provide access for the disabled including such sports as wheelchair basketball. The interior of the Festival Hall will be remodelled to provide additional rooms, better flooring and more comfortable facilities. New kitchen facilities, long overdue, will also be provided.


Currently the many of the sporting clubs have limited access to the current changeroom and toilet facilities within the park. This is especially so if there sport is not located within the stadium. For example, the netball club players need to queue for many minutes for access to their existing changing facilities or need to prepare for their matches in their cars.


The project is planned to commence in September 2018.


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