About the project

This foundation was setup in 2018 to become the philanthropic arm of the club to fundraise towards various projects that will develop the club and its community.

Areas of focus include:

  • Facility Development
  • Equipment
  • Coaching and Pathways
  • Participation
  • Supporting disadvantaged members
  • Disaster Relief

Please support our current projects below or make a tax deductible donation to our Foundation today and support the Gorillas!


  • Jacob Anson

    Go Gorillas!

  • Tom Yelavich

    Yelavich Family

  • Jason Stewart

    From the Stewart, Reece and Watts family.

  • Trevor Moore

    ARE YOU WITH ME? In memory of RALPH GESCHKE 1955 Premiership Captain-Coach I would like the above on the plaque, I'll let you work out the best spacing.

  • Ron Kemp

    The Kemp Family enjoyed being a part of the Gorilla family

  • Lee Armstrong

    The Armstrong family - 4 generations

  • Brian McFadyen

    Please add the following to a Plaque. The McFadyen boys CJ, Nug & Gus

  • Paul Mills

    Congratulations on a terrific set of infrastructure.

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