About the project

Wilston Grange seeks to establish a ‘200 Club’ of supporters that are in the position to directly contribute to ensuring that the Club has a sustainable Football Development and Player Pathway and Retention Program.

The Project will accept donations of any amount – great or small.

However, ‘200 Club’ supporters will be those that donate an amount of $500 or more to the Project.

In 2016, Wilston Grange established a Football Development Committee to develop and oversee the Club’s Player Pathway and Retention Program. The Committee and Program were originally established to address identified gaps in development and transition of players from junior to senior football.

Our objective is for each of our players to reach their full potential and for the Club to assist them to play at the highest level possible through an accelerated development program. We also recognise, however, that many players do not strive (and do not have the capability) to play at the highest level – but that these players also deserve focus on their development, to play at the highest level they may choose to play at.

In addition to our ‘on field’ focus, we aim to provide an environment that enables our players to become the best possible people they can through being active and developing life skills learned through football and through our Club.

Critical to the above, is having coaches, trainers and volunteers continuing to improve their own knowledge, skills & performance.

Desired Outcome:

  • Retain players and staff by continuing in QAFL.
  • This delivers a sustainable future position, a whole of club approach, further opening of player development pathways and removes barriers between junior and senior clubs.

Addressing triggers that cause players to leave the game:

  • At early levels (junior age 6-11) players, both boys and girls get involved for fun and unmeasured expectation.
  • As they move into youth ranks (ages 12-17) any lack of skill development can cause a split in ranks through peer pressure and mate selection. Coach development becomes as important as player development.
  • From youth to colt’s, reserves and senior levels - cost of player participation and club infrastructure becomes a key issue in player and coach retention.

Please make a $500 tax deductible donation today and be a part of the Wilston Grange 200 club


  • Rod Fidler

    Go Gorillas

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    Happy to help the Gorillas to develop our players & coaches so we get to the top!

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    Go Gorillas!

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    Great initiative by a great club. Go Gorillas in 2018!

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    Let's go Gorillas! #Gorillas2018Let'sdothis

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