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The Woden-Weston Football Club is the Premier League representative club for the Woden Valley and Weston-Molonglo regions of Canberra. The Club fields teams in the women’s and men’s National Premier Leagues (NPL) at all age group levels. The Club provides a pathway for talented players of the region to participate in the ‘best of the best’ pillar of football. Specifically, the Club provides opportunities for two supporting community clubs: Woden Valley Soccer Club (WVSC) and Weston Molonglo Football Club (WMFC). Why Woden Weston Football Club:

• We provide a pathway for players to their next level of football

• You are becoming part of a wonderful community

• You are joining a football team that players enjoy playing with

• You are part of an club with a desire for success

• You are part of an organisation that is progressive, exciting and enjoyable, which will help you achieve your potential The money will be used to equip players with new training gear and educate our coaches through FFA accredited courses.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to the community of west Canberra at the NPL level.


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    Wanderers Return to Football: Woden-Weston FC or Wanderers has been significantly financially impacted by COVID-19. This project targets building a financial resource to offset these impacts. Are you with us? #GOWANDERERS!

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  • Justin Booth

    Go Wanderers!

  • Benjamin Sakker Kelly

    Great work guys. C'mon you Wanderers!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with the venture, sorry it couldn't be more - but every little bit helps.


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