About the project

Wodonga City Council is currently under the process of developing a fundraising program to help support the development of a multi sports facility in the region. The goal target for the fundraising is $2,000,000 which will be used to help support and fund the development of this complex. The precinct will allow the City of Wodonga to showcase sport at a local, regional and state level, and will provide economic benefits from visitation of major sporting events. It will also lead to improved physical and mental health for the community through greater participation in sport, and create opportunities for volunteering, social interaction and inclusion.


About Wodonga City Council Sport Facilities Fund

Wodonga continues to be one of Victoria’s fastest growing regional cities and has enjoyed a sustained population growth rate, and ongoing residential, commercial, and industrial development. Wodonga’s residential population base is fast approaching 40,000; and as a regional ‘hub’, our city services a regional catchment of approximately 175,000 people, making it the largest city in North East Victoria. Wodonga Council is working to ensure a balanced community through a strategic planning approach aimed at enhancing the enviable lifestyle enjoyed by residents.

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