About the project

The upcoming 2019/20 season is a hugely exciting time for Wyclif Cricket Club! Our women’s team enter their second season, our junior girls’ team have their inaugural season, and our participation rates in our juniors’ programme are on the rise. After proving successful last season, we again have an overseas player/coach joining the Wyclif community. On top of this, we see the introduction of Wyclif’s first ever strength and conditioning coach who joins our physiotherapist.

The downside to Wyclif’s ascension to be a destination club is that these increases in playing numbers result in an increase to the running costs of the club. Your donation will go towards ensuring that our juniors, women, and men are all given the best opportunity to develop their skills through good quality coaching, equipment and facilities.

We would love it if you were able to donate to help with our running costs for 2019/20!

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