About the project

Kenroy Peters grew up playing street cricket on the Caribbean Island of St Vincent. Sometimes he and his brothers would melt down a plastic bag, mold it into a ball, let it harden for a day in the sun before belting it around the streets in their games.

When he was selected to play for the West Indies against the South Africans in 2014 it was the first time he saw his dad cry. His mum was proud her son had achieved his dream formed all those years ago while hitting melted down plastic bags around the streets.

Kenroy has already made a huge impact as our Junior Coach over the last season. We've watched girls and boys blossom with confidence as a result of his positive, encouraging and insightful coaching.

We need your support to secure Kenroy as senior head and junior coach for two years.

If you ask him why he's so positive Kenroy will laugh and say: "My mother always told me that if you help people, your blessings will multiply".

We've seen first hand the pleasure our male and female players get when they are given guidance by Kenroy and a once impossible skill becomes a natural part of their game. It's fantastic to see.

We asked some of our young players to tell us what they thought of Kenroy as a coach, this is what they told us:

  • He is very encouraging and positive. Gets around everyone when we succeed and picks us up when it’s not going our way.
  • He has incredible knowledge about techniques and how different players can develop their game
  • I loved his enthusiasm, technical advice, fun and great communication
  • He has a very clear idea on how each player can improve and keeps things very simple
  • He gave me the space to express myself and not worry about making a mistake
  • He's a great guy and really believes in me and is a great coach.

If we can secure Kenroy as Senior and Junior Head coach over the next two years he'll help us deliver key club outcomes:

  • Build the skills of female and male players to be the best they can be
  • Be available to run one-on-one sessions for players
  • Create better coaches from among our wonderful team of senior players and parents
  • Lead two Young Player Development Squads
  • Help recruit boys and girls through our local primary school engagement program
  • Strengthen our culture as a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community

We can only hope to recruit a coach of the quality of Kenroy Peters because of your support.

Right now we're in the process of sponsoring a visa application for Kenroy and have engaged a migration agent to support us. We're confident Kenroy will get his visa, but in these matters there is always some uncertainty. If the unexpected happens and a visa isn't granted by the Australian Government all funds raised will still be used to support coaching of YPCC's senior and junior teams.

Through YPCC's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to this vital program are tax-deductible. So please show your support by donating today!

  • Dayle Jones

    Y Peeeeeees forever!

  • Greg Banova

    Kenroy has proven to be an excellent coach for our junior players and mentor for our coaches. He will make an exceptional contribution to our club in the coming two years.

  • Zesh Ahmer

    I know Ken through only 1 encounter with him previously. Everything said about him is absolutely correct. Happy to support whenever it is needed and as much as I could.

  • Mary Geoff Sinclair

    Good luck with reaching target

  • Louise Jonas

    Our very own Viv Richards! How lucky are we. Go Kenroy. The Shepherd Family

  • Timothy Bush

    ...the Bush Family is wrapped to have KP at the club..train them hard KP!

  • Peter Andrews

    Kenroy is a great coach, passionate and people focused.

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