Case Study: North Rocks Carlingford Little Athletics Centre, NSW


 North Rocks Carlingford Little Athletics Centre (NRCLAC) in NSW is the only athletics centre in Australia to offer a dedicated group for athletes with special needs. NRCLAC believe strongly in the power of sport for addressing economic, gender, cultural and disability barriers and needed financial assistance to ensure the special needs members of their club could continue to participate. The special needs athletics program gave other club members the opportunity to interact and learn from the athletes with disabilities, without NRCLAC they may not have this.  

The funds granted through the Australian Sports Foundation and Australia Post were used by NRCLAC to cover the registration fees and uniforms for the athletes with special needs.  



 The benefits of the special needs athletics program extended beyond the impact on just the participants. The families of the participants became involved in a vibrant community group in which they found supportive friends who were in similar situations. Through these connections the families and individuals were encouraged and assisted in their social development, learning and self esteem.