Breakaway Camps

Games For Growth is an annual youth games event for people from low-income families and difficult home situations, who usually are not able to afford to attend such events or participate in sport in general. Attendance at this event builds a sense of community and teamwork through competing in sport together in positive and safe environments and gets the kids to see beyond their own backyard.

The Sport4Everyone grant will have a positive impact on youth from a variety of backgrounds including Indigenous Australians, NZ Maori, Vietnamese and Croatia as well as a range of intellectual and physical disabilities and mental health difficulties. The common factor for these kids is they are all socially and economically disadvantaged, coming from homes in which their caregivers struggle to provide the basics, they are often living with grandparents or relatives as their parents are incarcerated or involved in substance abuse.

By participating in the programs offered by Breakway Camps, potentially at risk kids build their confidence, improve their social skills and overall health while learning new skills and developing a love for sports.

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