Calwell Little Athletics Club

Calwell Little Athletics Club has a high number of children with sensory issues and intellectual and physical disabilities which is often a barrier to participation in sport. Little Athletics is a great sport for those with disabilities because the kids are only competing against their own times and trying to better themselves and if they feel too overwhelmed they can sit out without disadvantaging the team. To ensure their club is as inclusive as possible Calwell Little Athletics are purchasing new starting guns and timing gates with the funding they received through Sport4Everyone.

The current starting guns are loud and many children with Autism and sensory issues cannot bear to hear the bang. The new starting guns emit a digital beep as opposed to a bang. The timing gates are connected to the same system and are able to be set up so the gates flash at the start of a race to assist athletes to know when to start – this will enable children with hearing impairments to compete.

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