Royals RUFC aimed to engage with local primary schools to assist the schools in developing interest in playing rugby (whether that be contact rugby or the non-contact version Viva7s). Following the successful pilot of acquiring equipment, playing jerseys and offering coaching tone primary school, Royals expanded our exposure to three more schools, acquiring training equipment, jerseys and inter/intra-school trophies.

“Between the 4 schools that Royals JRUFC has engaged, we have impacted approximately 1500 girls and boys. All four schools registered teams in the ‘Matt Giteau Primary School Cup’ on 23rd March. This was the 1st time that ALL four schools in our region have played in this Primary School Rugby tournament”- Trevor Handcock, program coordinator from Royals told us.

The key outcome, to increase participation of girls and boys in rugby or non-contact rugby (Viva7s), was achieved, and will continue to grow, helping the school’s sports engagement, the community itself and a flow on effect of having more kids register with Royals JRUFC.

“Without this G4G Grant, Royals JRUFC would not have been able to undertake this school engagement, and I personally believe that our club may not have existed in a few years, due to dwindling player participation. Now that we have this engagement, we are very confident that our club will be able to grow participation and continue to offer rugby to the Weston Creek community of girls and boys”.

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