“Our committee made a commitment to look at opportunities to increase our junior participation membership to ensure we can provide a continued pathway for members from TBall to Seniors”, David Field, Vice President of Across The Waves told us.

The granted funds were spent to run a come and try session, and to advertise the session to the community.

The club purchased pitching machine, balls, bats and gloves which were used for come and try activities. The equipment purchased was well utilised during the come and try days. The pitching machine (due to its portability) was a significant benefit to enable participants to experience the challenges of hitting a pitched ball.

A promotional flyer was developed and distributed through schools and local sporting clubs in the region. Radio advertising campaign was used as the media reach has been demonstrated to be more effective and return on investment value than newspaper advertising.

35 young people attended the come and try sessions with 16 registering for the 2015/2016 season. This allowed the club to nominate teams in the Minor and Major League competition (9-15 yrs). All these new members are now participating in the Bundaberg Softball Summer competition with some players being selected to represent Bundaberg at the 2016 U15 State Championship. A number of these players will also be participating in the Bundaberg Softball Finals Series.

“The recruitment of these players has enabled the club to continue to provide a player pathway from TBall to Seniors”. David Field said.

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