Paramount Tennis Club received a $3,700 G4G grant in 2015, which allowed them to increase their club’s membership by 30%.

The club knows how important the role of sport is for growing kids; they set out in providing a facility to better accommodate their smaller size. The club used their granted funds to install 2 ‘Hot Shots’ courts (courts that are kid friendly and appropriately sized), including the netposts, nets and all the accessories.

“The younger children have been very excited to be able to practice within an area more suited to their size” – Karen Armstrong, Secretary of Paramount Tennis Club said.

“We completed the 2015 year with an increase in membership of 30% of which the juniors increased by around 20%. Now whenever we have competition days or coaching clinics we can now cater for the 3-9 year olds. The designated area looks great and the kids feel happy and secure in their own space, which will benefit them for years to come”.

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