Carlton School

Carlton School is an Aboriginal School in Port Augusta SA. They currently run parenting, health and wellbeing and educational programs for children aged from 0-8 and their families, they have a strong cohort of Aboriginal families, mainly women who attend regularly, using the Sport4Everyone grant they will expand and provide a culturally safe space for men to be with their children.

The granted funds will allow them to employ a local sportsperson to run 2 sports sessions a week for men to bring their children along to, it could be a Dad, uncle, grandfather or even a friend. Children see Aboriginal men as positive role models and men learn ways in which they are confident to engage with children in a culturally safe space and develop quality relationships with children in their family. Sport will be used as a catalyst for developing relationships, attachment with their family in a place where they feel comfortable and confident to share their skills and knowledge with their children. There will be new sports every school term including cricket, modified basketball, swimming lessons and scavenger hunts as well as family BBQ to launch the program.

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