Case Study: Parks Children Centre – SA

Parks Childrens Centre  


 The Parks Children Centre pre-school (PCC) is located in North Western Adelaide in an area with a high migrant population and many low income families. Many of the families of PCC had recently moved to Australia and were struggling with feelings of isolation in a new country and for many, new cultures. While sport and club involvement is a large part of Aussie life, for those newly moved to Australia the costs associated are prohibitive and mean that sport is not a priority.  

The staff at PCC applied for the Sport4Everyone grant as they saw the need to host sessions for the children so they could learn valuable gross motor skills before they begin primary school. They also saw the sessions as an opportunity for parents to mingle with other local families and make community connections.  


PCC were granted $5000 to host a “Mini Olympics” for the children and families to learn new skills in a fun environment where socialising and building new connections was encouraged. There was participation from almost 80 children and their families. The children participated in an obstacle course as well as developing skills relevant to different sports such as bat skills, kicking, throwing and catching.  

Throughout the ten-week program, PCC noticed a huge change in the confidence and energy of the children participating. The parents and families were also getting much out of the program as they built friendships and connections.  





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