Krakatoas Sports Club

The Krakatoas Sports Club provides positive and inclusive sporting experiences to create greater awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion in sport. This is enriched by our 4 ongoing years of growing membership through inclusive and engaging AFL7s mixed gender sports programs.

With a growing community of players, volunteers and families they are building a grassroots movement that is increasingly drawing people from across Asia and beyond. On field they train a mixed gender and CALD team, play games and increase understanding of Australian culture through camaraderie. Off-field they elevate this family feeling through club visits to sports games, local multicultural festivals and special interest organisations.

Their Sport4Everyone project aims to increase mixed-gender participation and cross-cultural understanding through this joint activity. They will bring footy to the campus and community events Indonesian people already gather at. This will ensure strong reach and an immediate sense of togetherness. The training program will increase their sense of self-respect, resilience and cultural awareness.

Members from Indonesia and Australia will benefit from this and leadership training. Monitoring from sessions will inform monthly meetings to routinely evaluate and adjust to maximise efforts. This builds important skills in diverse leaders beyond intercultural intelligence and responsive planning.

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