Lajamanu School

Lajamanu School is a P-10 school in the very remote Northern Territory with approximately 200 students who are all Indigenous. The school is very isolated (600kms from the nearest town or sporting facilities) and it is difficult for our students to get to any sporting fixtures English is the second language for all students.

They will use this Sport4Everyone grant to run daily sporting activities for the students: Morning sport rotations, afternoon sport rotations, after-school basketball and football training and matches, targeted sports skills sessions, holding a 2 day Athletics carnival at the school and in community with all required equipment, and holding regular school open days with sport and health as the focus and inviting community to come and participate.

This school is a very remote and in many ways socially dysfunctional. They hope that our sports carnival, healthy open days and regular during and after school sports opportunities can bring the school and the community together in a positive way. Adults are often wary to come to the school and teachers often wary to venture into some parts of the community. Sport is one thing that everyone loves and Lajamanu school hope that with this grant families can come together and support their children and be proud of them and that school staff and community can create a common talking point and set of activities.

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