Macclesfield Primary School

Macclesfield Primary School is a small public primary school in the Adelaide Hills. It currently has less than 80 pupils. This includes a high number of students with special needs and children from low-income families who generally are not involved in mainstream sporting activities for a variety of reasons.

The school is an hours drive from the nearest capital city, Adelaide, meaning it can be difficult for families to access appropriate sporting opportunities if they do not have the money or transport available (public transport is extremely limited).

They are using their Sport4Everyone grant on a project that will provide free gymnastics classes after school one day a week for special needs students, on the autism spectrum, with cerebral palsy, and those with trauma-related difficulties.

There will be small group classes with a qualified instructor and extra parent assistance. These children often do not enjoy being part of larger group sport initiatives and this will be an environment that is supportive and familiar to them. Hopefully, it will be the starting block for them to take part in other sporting initiatives in the community. Separate classes will also be run for other students with preference given to students from low-income families whose parents tend to find it difficult to take part in general sporting activities that involve fees and travel.

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