Parks Children Centre Preschool

Parks Children Centre Preschool will use their Sport4Everyone grant to host a mini-Olympics. The childcare centre in SA is in an area with a very high migrant population and the centre offers support for the whole family through baby classes and classes supported by Speech Pathologists and Occupational therapists. Almost all families attending the centre are low-income and sport and physical activity are not always possible or a priority, by teaching the kids at a young age some sports skills they carry these forward into primary school and find it easier to transition into a club sport.

The mini Olympics will be run by professionals and give kids from aged four the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, learn the basics of a number of different sports and encourage families to continue involvement in sport outside of school. In the lead up to the mini Olympics, the children will learn a new skill or sport each week before the Olympic event where all families attend to see the new skills learned.

Bringing all families together for the mini Olympics will have added benefit for the families who have migrated to Australia and are feeling isolated and give them an opportunity to mingle with other parents from similar situations.

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