Western Region Umpires Association

The Western Region Umpires Association currently run an academy for African refugees out of a place in Kensington flats which is supported by AFL. The AFL pay the cost of the coach (one person) but nothing else.

The West of Melbourne has many refugees and recent immigrants, mainly coming from Africa but also from the Middle East.

Using their Sport4Everyong grant they will be able to engage more of these people increase and encourage social diversity and inclusion within the community. These people will not have to shoulder the financial burden as they simply can not. Being able to subsidise the expansion through the Sport4Everyone grant will allow the Western Region Umpires Association to cater to an increase in participation with fees possibly being reduced to zero. Individuals from these communities are increasing their playing participation and there is now interest to umpire, they want to meet this demand which is possible with some financial assistance and our many years of experience.

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