2017 Sports Fundraising Snapshot

2016/17 was another record breaking year financial year for sports fundraising – $44.75m was donated by generous sports loving Aussies!

In the third edition of our annual Sports Fundraising Snapshot, we’re bringing you the who, what, when, and where of sports fundraising, all jam packed into one exciting snapshot!

With record growth in the number of fundraising projects, $$ fundraised and donations received, there’s plenty of interesting data in this year’s Sports Fundraising Snapshot.

If you want to know which professions, sex and age groups donate the most, which sports they donate to, and the influence technology plays in donations or the average $$ raised by Grassroots clubs, State and National sporting organisations and Professional clubs and Peak bodies, we’ve got the answers in our Snapshot.

You will also find all the stats and ins and outs of our recently expanded Athlete Fundraising program.

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