Hottest Fundraising Tips from this Financial Year

6 June 2016

Did you know that June is the biggest month for donations to sport?

With June 30 fast approaching, it is time for you to start promoting and communicating to your members, fans, and supporters that you need their help.

Last financial year over almost half of the donations made to sport through us (over $10.5 million) came through in June. We are expecting to reach over $30million this financial year and I want your organisation to benefit.

To make sure you are able to make the most of this June, we have pulled together the hottest fundraising tips to help you make the most of your fundraising without creating a lot more work.

Your story should get potential donors (your target audience) excited and motivated about your fundraising project. However, don’t presume your audience knows everything about your organisation or why you’re trying to raise funds. In fact, you should write your story as though you’re talking to someone who has never heard about your organisation or its fundraising goal.

Inform people of why, how and when they should donate. The story is the bedrock of any campaign. It’s central to all fundraising activity. You must take the time needed to get it right.

Your story should answer the following questions:

  • Why does your club need this money?
  • Who and how many people will benefit?
  • When do you need it?

An engaging and successful story will have four key ingredients:

 Need–  This is the starting point for any fundraising story. What are you trying to achieve through your fundraising program? Exactly how much money do you need to raise?

Cause– What EXACTLY are you raising money for? This isn’t as simple as saying: “We’re raising money for our U14 team travel fund”. You need to be more specific and say something like “We’re raising $15,000 for our U14 team to travel to the state titles and represent our club against the best in the state”.

Impact– You need to share the emotion of your story. An impact outlines EXACTLY who will benefit from the donation. You need to describe the changes that will be seen through the donation and the impact it will have. An example would be: “We’re raising $15,000 for our U14 team to travel to the state titles and represent our club against the best in the state. This is a life-changing opportunity for our young players. It’s one never had by any team from our club before. And it will only be made possible through the kind support of people like you”.

 Ask– Don’t be afraid to ask. No fundraising program has ever been successful without asking. Your request will be far more effective if it’s really specific and lines up with the emotion of your story. An example might be: “A donation of just $10 provides a football to a child who has never owned one before. Can you help?”. Or “$25 will pay for the tournament uniform for one of our less fortunate players. Will you assist?”. Make sure it’s obvious why your target audience should care. Also remember that you need to let the donor know how they can make their donation. And have a sense of urgency. You want them to know that you need them to donate now.

Some great examples of fundraising stories can be found on our website Go to the ‘Our Projects’ page and simply click on the ‘View Project’ or ‘More Info’ tab on any of the projects.

Feel free to chop and change your fundraising story to target different audiences and mediums, but stay true to your cause. Make sure your story is current  this EOFY as it will arm you with the power to raise extra funds in June.


With your new portal, you have more control than ever before to manage your projects. Images, video and a meaningful story capture the attention of potential donors- login to your portal now and see if you can add some more content to your project

A lot of grassroots clubs don’t have the time or budget to build a website for their club- luckily you have the ability to utilise your project page as your own website. You can link newsletters, emails, social media posts ect to your project page.

For those organisations that get a lot of traffic through their own website then we recommend adding some information about your fundraising project and downloading a DONATE NOW button for instant redirection to the online donation form for your project.


Large Fundraising campaigns can sometimes be off-putting to a donor; they want to feel like their gifts are really making a difference to your cause, and are not just a small fish in a giant pond. To avoid this feeling, you can break large fundraising targeted into smaller bite-sized targets to achieve throughout the year. For example, you might be fundraising $100k to renovate your home ground club facilities, you can focus June on raising a manageable $10k, to pay for the preliminary surveying and engineering costs.

Sustainable fundraising is about establishing and nurturing relationships between donors and the sports they love. Make sure your relationship with the donor is about more than just the money he or she has contributed. They need to feel part of your club or organisation. Let them share in the successes of your club or organisation, both on and off the playing field, and introduce them to other like-minded supporters.

Properly thanking your donors can be vital to the fabric of your club or organisation, and can help drive successful fundraising programs in the future.

Here are some key statistics that illustrate why it’s important to show your donors that you appreciate them:

    • Simply by thanking a donor, you have a 50% better chance of receiving another donation from him or her the next time you ask.
    • If you inform your donors about how their money was spent, how much it was appreciated, and the practical and emotional impact the donations had, future donations have been seen to increase by as much as 40%.

For ideas on how you can thank donors, download our Grassroots Sports Fundraising Toolkit


A quick, easy and efficient way to ask for donations this month is by sending a bulk email- simply utilise your club database of email contacts alongside a targeted EOFY campaign and hit send!!

Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor are two web-based platforms for sending bulk emails. They’re both affordable and easy to use. They enable you to store lists of contacts, send stylish and trackable emails, and manage your communications easily.

Using one of these platforms, you can:

  • Create your email with simple, good-looking templates
  • Add your branding, logo and images
  • Add personalisation such as first name and last name (people are more likely to respond to a personalised message than a generic email).
  • Get insights into how your emails are performing. See how your audience is engaging with your emails, which donation requests are most effective, and more.

You should include a targeted EOFY story and a link to your online donation form- and remember to make a specific donation request

Events can be a great way to add value for your club supporters; you get a donation, they get to have a good time with friends and other members and supporters. Invite special guests to talk, such as former players and ex-coaches, to help put a face to your cause.

Ticket add-ons and pre-sales

Invite guests to a game, dinner, afternoon tea, breakfast, training session with the team—any event you can think of. Sell tickets in advance at a price that will cover your costs, then add an optional tax-deductible donation to the ticket price (e.g. your club has dinner for $100 per head and you include a $50 optional donation request on the booking page or form remembering to specify the amount of the donation and what it’s for).

Your club or organisation keeps the money to cover event costs, and we process the tax deductible donations through F4S. Remember, the most successful way to fundraise through an event is to secure the funds before the event. As your guests will have already donated, it’s important to let them enjoy the event. Feel free to thank them for their contribution; just don’t ask for more money at the event.

Fundraising at the event

If you prefer to ask for donations at an event, you can use our online donation form (via tablet or mobile device) to collect donations instantly. You can also have printed forms on hand for your guests to complete at the event. Although distributing printed donation forms or collecting pledges can successfully raise funds, many guests may take that donation form home. They may have good intentions to fill in at a later time, only for it to be forgotten or accidentally discarded.

Give your Sports Partnership Manager a call for further ideas for your EOFY event.

Many businesses in Australia love supporting local sport- you can offer something that other clubs and organisations cannot… tax deductibility!

Refine your fundraising story and put together a targeted ask to local businesses in your area, don’t be afraid to visit in person and let them become aware of what you are trying to achieve.

Most bigger Corporates in Australia will have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) budget which is used to donate funds to worthy causes every year. The catch is that these usually mandated to give only to organisations with DGR status… Fear not! Your F4S project is eligible to receive funds from these types of accounts, so don’t be shy about approaching the big end of town. 

What better way to connect with masses of potential donors than by posting on facebook, a tweeting on twitter or sharing  picture on Instagram? Get a feel for your target audience, if you have a presence on a social media platform then take a few minutes to condense your story to a shorter, more easily absorbed version and post away. Remember to include your project URL link and a detailed ask this EOFY.

At this time of year it’s important to set yourself apart from the many other organisations and charities that are asking for financial support. Here’s a quirky idea that should catch the attention of your supporters!

  • Set a $ target for your end of financial year fundraising appeal
  • Promote to your supporters that if you reach the target by 30 June, a prominent person within your organisation will do a silly/crazy/embarrassing stunt (e.g. President, Coach, Principal)
  • Examples of stunts include
    – Shave/Colour hair
    – Karaoke Night at the club
    – Host a fun-run dressed as mascot or in team uniform

This should encourage your supporters to donate, and also get their networks to donate to make sure the goal is reached.

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