Acquittals made easy!

As part of our fundraising partnership with you, we just need to make sure the donation funds we grant you are being used for the right things.

  • You’ll need to lodge an acquittal every 90 days, whether you’ve spent funds or not.
  • We’re now doing ‘rolling acquittals’, which means you can lodge an acquittal at a time that’s convenient for you, no need to wait we create a report for you.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to acquit your funds within 90 days of receiving them to ensure you are eligible for future grants.

  • If you haven’t already submitted a report, we’ll prompt you to well before the due date.

If you’ve spent funds, you just need to give us a few details about the expenses. If you haven’t spent some or all of your grant funds, just upload a bank statement showing a balance of at least the amount you’ve told us you’re holding for future project expenses.

Watch the video to see exactly how to acquit using the online portal

If you want some more clarification on this, give your Sports Partnership Manager a call.


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