Will you be a beginner, semi-pro or superstar? We’ve introduced different project layouts to make sure your fundraising project stands out on our webpage!

You’ve never had so much freedom to tailor your project page before- see below the options you can select from for your next project page.

Your project page is where you can TELL YOUR FUNDRAISING STORY.

Your story should clearly explain the why behind the fundraising campaign – why do you need the money and what difference that money will make to the sporting team or athlete? Your goal should answer the question “How much money do you need?” – and it’s the story that answers the question “Why do you need it and what impact will it have?” It’s important to take a little bit of time to write your story on paper (or screen!). You may need to do a few drafts before you get it right but it will be more than worth the effort. We’ve found that in most cases the ability to tell an effective story is what gets people donating.

When you're ready to publish your story, add your project in your portal- watch this video to find out how. 

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