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This project will build a stronger and more resilient Australian community through sports culture. With an 80% CALD membership it is important to deliver these ideas through a fun, unique and engaging format. AFL is instantly recognised as Australian with the AFL7s being a non-contact mixed gender version. This project aims to increase mixed-gender participation and cross-cultural understanding through this joint activity. We will bring footy to the campus and community events Indonesian’s already gather at. This will ensure strong reach and an immediate sense of togetherness. The training program will increase their sense of self-respect, resilience and cultural awareness. Members from Indonesia and Australia will benefit from this and leadership training. Monitoring from sessions will inform monthly meetings to routinely evaluate and adjust to maximise efforts. This builds important skills in our diverse leaders beyond intercultural intelligence and responsive planning. This program is already integrated in the local media landscape but with further support it will have even greater reach and impact for all Australian’s.



This project is designed and implemented with the Indonesian community from inception. This ensures respectful programs that motivate involvement in cultural impactful ways. With the support of Australian’s this is a transparent joint community that includes everyone in one diverse community. The project includes reaching out to Indonesian groups through specific media and university channels to include them deeply. The leadership team ensures all programs respectfully engage diversity across gender, age, orientation and more by being representative of the members. This team aims to build skills in these young leaders to include them in making positive change for their community. They advocate for the members to ensure activities respond to their communities interests. Currently participation costs are high on a per-player basis at $150 per player for a season. More than 80% of our members are students who receive financial support from Indonesian or Australian government so they have limited disposable income. With an 80% culturally and linguistically diverse group there are difficulties in convincing the need for high cost memberships. Further, tournaments have a high application fee and the Club doesn’t have facilities to generate income that would cover these costs. Greater participation without financial barriers increases the reach of this Australian-Indonesian club. Kraktoas SC promotes nuanced understandings through healthy activity.



In Australia 70% of international students face loneliness throughout their degrees. Krakatoa’s SC responds to this over the last 3 years by teaming up with some of the 4,291 Indonesian students studying higher education in Victoria (46% of the Australia wide cohort at December 2017). Repeatedly sports builds strong intercultural ties in diverse communities across Australia. AFL is a uniquely and easily identified Australian sport so it is able to draw players together from Indonesia, Australia and beyond in the AFL7s non-contact format. This ensures the success of wider Krakatoas SC aims which includes building strong people to people links between Australia and Indonesia. Currently to enrich these activities the Krakatoas SC collaborates with Australia wide organisation Australia-Indonesia Youth Association to spread the positive work done so far, attract new members and develop capacity. To cover costs there is a levy which excludes some players from fully participating. This creates financial disadvantage and isolates players unfairly. This grant will ensure all players from diverse backgrounds and situations can play. This will guarantee that it is a persons interests not finances that determines their access. This means, there will be a cohesive team that grows together. Additionally this grant provides the opportunity for more students to access this initiative by increasing program quality. This ensures increasing numbers of the Australia-Indonesia community benefit.



We will host 2 introduction to football sessions at 4 local universities in 12 months We will run weekly training for 2 seasons (14 weeks) of AFL7s per year which involves 12 to 30 members depending on the week plus 4 leaders developing leadership and intercultural skills Attend annual community festival Alun-alun to involve recently arrived students from Indonesia Monthly planning meetings to evaluate and plan programs which develops integral skills for young leaders to become effective community organisers Annual General Meeting to transparently report on the impact of grants, programs and members.



Total onfield costs $6,073.00 28 weeks during season hire of training courts $2,945.60 2 Seasons fee $1,600.00 2 Pump and needle sets $14.00 25 Witches hats $20.00 4 Whistles $14.83 18 Match balls $1,260.00 1 Coaches board $50.00 4 Whiteboard markers $8.57 2 First aid kits $160.00 Total off field costs $3,927.00 Annual General Meeting (venue, food etc.) $400.00 End of year trophies (best club supporter, most improved etc.) $119.00 2 people’s AFL Coach Membership $99.00 2 people to coach training $280.00 2 people to trainers course $680.00 Webber Insurance Public Liability Insurance $2,100.00 1 Feather style banner $249.00

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