Athlete fundraising helps overcome the price of preparation

In the final weeks leading into the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Australian Sports Foundation piloted our Athletes Fundraising program and the response from Olympians and Paralympians was immediate and positive.

Many athletes used the fundraising program to cover costs in their final Games preparation. It was from this response that we knew the demand for athlete fundraising was real and necessary.

We know how hard it is for aspiring national and international standard athletes to cover their expenses. Not all athletes receive grants, subsidies or sponsorships and the costs for coaching, equipment, uniforms, medical, foods and travel continue to mount week in, week out.

It is a huge personal sacrifice to be a representative athlete both in terms of time dedicated to their sport as well as the drain on the wallet. For many, the Bank of Mum and Dad provides the necessary cashflow in additional to being a massive emotional support team.

In the 2016-17 financial year, we increased the number of athletes we work with from 22 to 179 athletes. The average amount raised by athletes was $5,000.
In the eight months of this financial year, a further 109 athletes have registered fundraising projects.
And the number of athlete projects continues to grow, particularly sailors and track and field athletes, who have been the most active of all athletes
With the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games just around the corner and a variety of world championships to be held across most sports this year, now is the time for athletes to register fundraising projects with us.

Any athlete representing at state level or higher, the Athlete Fundraising program is designed to support athletes competing at any of the State, National and International levels.
Athlete Fundraising registrations will be assessed for eligibility and will then need to supply relevant background information to complete their registration.

Athletes who register fundraising projects can tap into their local communities and associated clubs to receive donations. And remember, all donations made to an athlete via the Sports Foundation are tax deductible.

Once an athlete registers a project with us, they receive their own personal fundraising page that is easily accessible and can be shared online or via social media.
Donations received through athlete fundraising campaigns are granted back to an athlete each month. Additionally, athletes receive direct access to our fundraising resources, advice and our online portal where they can manage their page and donations at any time.

When setting up your fundraising page, outline your athletic history, your immediate goals, your fundraising target and be clear how the money raised will be used. The fundraising page is your greatest sales tool!
Also, provide two clear photographs of you in action which demonstrates your athletic prowess.

Lastly, tell your team mates they too can fundraise with the Sports Foundation. There more people we can assist in fulfilling their sports dreams and aspirations, the greater the positive social impact.
Australia needs inspirational role models in sport and the best way is for young athlete to perform to their full potential on the national and international stage.

Happy fundraising!
Ryan Holloway
National Sales and Partnership Director

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