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We are really excited to be working with you!
You may not know that June is the time when Aussies give the most to things they care about, like you and your athlete journey. We receive almost half of our donations in June, last year this was more than $10mil. To help you achieve the best outcome this June, we have put together some tips and suggestions specifically for you.

Here are our top 5…

Top 5 Fundraising Tips

A quick, easy and efficient way to ask for donations this time of month is by sending an email!

We have created a template for this exact purpose.

You should include a story and a link to your online donation form- and remember to make a specific donation request.


Good morning friends, family, and sport loving supporters,

As many of you know, I am an Aussie athlete on my road to Rio to represent our country in sport. I have faced many obstacles during my Rio journey. Briefly outline some hurdles you have overcome, for example, training day and night, eating strict diets, overcoming injury, working part time while trying to train

Through hard work, dedication, and passion, I have been able to overcome these obstacles. There is one obstacle that I cannot overcome alone- even as one of the best in my sport, I do not receive enough funding to briefly outline what costs you are raising funds to cover.

I need your help to raise $donation target amount by deadline date. Without this funding I will not have the best possible chance at bringing home a medal and doing my best for Australia.

I am partnering with Australian Sports Foundation’s new Athlete Fundraising program, so you can donate directly to support athletes, like myself, and help fund us when we need it most.

Designed specifically to assist elite Olympians and Paralympians heading to the 2016 Rio Games, Athlete Fundraising allows the community, both individuals and organisations, to make tax-deductible donations that benefit athletes.

You can donate now and support me on my road to Rio at insert online donation form link, and donations over $2 are tax deductible. Your generous donations will mean I can spend time focussed on exactly what I need to do to achieve the best outcome in Rio.

Every donation counts, no matter how small, individually we are a single spectator, but together we are a stadium, bringing home the gold.

Thank you for your support


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