Donation Add-Ons are better on the pocket and the waistline

It’s winter season: sport player registration time and there wouldn’t be a Football, AFL, Netball, League or Union club in Australia that doesn’t needs funds to purchase new playing kit, balls or training equipment.

The default fundraising solution is the weekly sausage sizzle, seasonal chocolate drive or the trivia night – all which involve countless hours of planning and the constant sourcing of product before then relying on time-poor volunteers to generously donate their time to manage and operate the fundraising program.

Sound familiar?

But there is a simple and quick fundraising solution that can provide clubs with the new equipment before a ball is kicked or tossed in the first competition game.

Add-On Donations is an Australian Sports Foundation initiative where clubs include the option to add a tax-deductible donation to existing player registration fees, season tickets and merchandise.

By providing the tax-deductible donation option for these transactions via player or member registration forms prior to the commencement of the season, monies can be received by the club within weeks and the donor receives a receipt for their end of financial year tax return.

Add-Ons are a very powerful way to immediately collect funds. Last year, more than $1.2 million was raised for sport by the Sports Foundation via Add-Ons.

That’s a lot of sausage sandwiches and chocolates.

And let’s be honest. As obesity levels in adults and children continue to rise to alarming rates, it is counter-intuitive to fundraise for healthy sporting activity by scoffing down countless sausage sandwiches or chewing on another chocolate bar.

Yes, we have all participated in these fundraising programs because that’s the way junior clubs have traditionally fundrasied.

But many parents have become so sick and tired of the chocolate drives that they instead give the club the money for the chocolates without receiving a tax-deduction. They neither have the time, nor the inclination to sell to friends and colleagues, or the desire to purchase the chocolates themselves so they just hand over the cash as a donation.

So instead of a parent handing over $50 in lieu of the chocolates, and not receiving a tax -deduction for their trouble, handing over $50 becomes more appealing if it comes with a tax-deduction. And it’s far better for the waistline.

Better still, the same parent may be prepared to donate $90-$100 with a tax-deduction as their net contribution to the club is still $50. So, the club can potentially fundraise more money.

Last year, Merewether Greens Rugby Club used add-ons to fundraise more than $50,000 for their Foundation and Bendigo City Football Club fundraised over $6000 for their Development Fund. Both of these clubs simply included the Add-On Donation option as part of their registrations, end of season events and at other times that members and the community were already engaged with a transaction. The money was easily raised with minimal effort.

The Sports Foundation can provide donors with a receipt to claim back at tax time because it has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Federal Government – and we’re the only sports body with this status.

Donations are not limited to cash. They can also include goods and equipment where donors are provided a tax-deduction related to the cost of the items.

Last year, the Sports Foundation helped sport fundraise $44.75 million, taking the total fundraised to over $100 million over the past three years.

Currently, there are more than 1300 sports and community organisations and over 300 state and national athletes who are taking advantage of the Sports Foundations simplified fundraising and tax-deductible status.

So, when it comes to fundraising much-needed funds for the season ahead, it’s time to turn off the BBQ and keep the chocolate box closed and instead opt for tax-deductible Add-Ons.

If this sounds like something your club could do get in contact with you Sports Partnership Manager and they’ll talk you through it!

Happy fundraising,


National Sales and Partnership Director

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