Donations and Registrations go hand in hand

Fundraising can be simple when you incorporate a donation to an existing transaction such as a membership or registration fee, ticket and merchandise purchase. It is one of the best times to ask for a donation because your members, customers, and supporters are already engaged in another transaction; its really no effort for them to opt in to donating!


All you need to do is:
1. Add donation option to current transaction (ie: events, registrations, memberships)
2. Create the form and include the Sports Foundation declaration (even better we have given you two examples of forms below)
I would like my gift to benefit the <ORG NAME> and I understand that my donation is made unconditionally to the Australian Sports Foundation. Making this donation, I accept the Australian Sports’ Foundation’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
3. Make sure you contact your Sports Partnership Manager for them to sign off on your forms or to have a chat if you need help with this process
4. Collect both the registration and donation in one payment


1. Once you have collected the donations and donor details you will need to input the information into a spreadsheet to send to the Sports Foundation for processing. The excel spreadsheet can up found here. Please ensure all details are filled in.
2. Upload the spreadsheet into the client portal. Click here on a step by step on how to do this
3. Once the document has been uploaded please transfer all the donations to the Sports Foundation. These will then be granted back to the club in line with our grants process.

If at any stage you need assistance please contact your Sports Partnership Manager

Example of a Manual Registration Form with Donation Option

Example of an Online Registration Form with Donation Option 

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