Email Donation ask

Sending emails to your community is one of the most effective ways to tell your story and ask for donations. Use these tips and email template as a great way to reach out to potential donors.

We suggest that the email comes from, or is signed off by, someone respected within your organisation (e.g. President, Coach, Principal, Director). We also recommend you utilise your organisation’s database of email contacts, alongside a targeted end of financial year appeal. Then simply send!

We know that it can sometimes be daunting to write an email that specifically and simply asks your supporters to donate. That’s why we’ve provided you with a template that you can simply copy, paste, and fill in the blanks.

Copy, paste and complete the template below and begin your quick and easy fundraising appeal

Subject: <<ORGANISATION NAME / ATHLETE NAME>> needs your help!

Dear <<Valued Supporter>>

The <<end of financial year/new season/grand final>> is almost here and <<ORGANISATION  / ATHLETE NAME>> needs your help!

We are fundraising in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to allow tax-deductible donations. Our fundraising project is raising money to <<SHORT DESCRIPTION/FUNDRAISING TAGLINE>>.

We are hoping to raise $______ before << INSERT DATE>>, which will enable us to <<PURCHASE NEW EQUIPMENT, SUPPORT JUNIOR TEAM, REFURBISH CHANGEROOM ETC.>>

We are very grateful for any support for <<ORGANISATION / ATHLETE NAME>> and this is a great time to give!

Without contributions from supporters like you, we won’t have the chance to thrive, grow and compete and be as successful as we can be! The future can be bigger and brighter for us with your help.

Please donate today via our <<LINK TO YOUR ONLINE DONATION FORM>>.

Once you have donated and the transaction is complete, you will receive your tax-deductible receipt from the Australian Sports Foundation which you can include in your tax return.

Every donation counts, no matter how small!

Thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty and if you have any questions about this project or donating please contact me.

Kind Regards,



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