‘End Of Financial Year Ask’ Email Template

7 June 2016

A quick, easy and efficient way to ask for donations this month is by sending a bulk email- simply utilise your club database of email contacts alongside a targeted EOFY campaign and hit send!!

We know that it can sometimes be embarrassing or daunting to write an email that specifically and simply asks potential donors to donate… That is why we have created a template that you can simply, copy, paste, and fill in the blanks, so you have a way to clearly ask this June.

Copy, paste and complete the template below and begin your quick and easy fundraising drive

Good morning Club Supporters and Members!

 It’s tax time and (CLUB NAME) needs your help!

 You may have heard of our (NAME OF PROJECT) project, which is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, and is raising money via tax deductible donations to (SHORT DESCRIPTION). So far we have raised $______, enabling our club to ___________________________________________.

 But the project still needs help! We are hoping to raise $______ over the next three weeks, which will enable us to _____________________________________________________. If we don’t fundraise this money, we won’t be able to ______________________________________________.

 If you have ever thought of supporting (CLUB NAME) this is a great time to give! Donate to (NAME OF PROJECT) today, or by 30 June, and you can receive a tax deduction (sometimes up to 50%)  to claim in July for your donation (provided that it is $2 or more).

 Without the support of supporters and members like you, we won’t have the chance to thrive, grow and compete and be a successful club/team/school/community organisation. The future can be bigger and brighter for us with your help. 

Please donate today via our online donation form: (insert online donation form link).  Once you have donated and the transaction is complete, you will receive your tax receipt from The Australian Sports Foundation which you can include in your 2015/2016 tax return.  

Every donation counts, no matter how small, individually we are a raindrop but together we are an ocean!

 Thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty to the club and if you have any questions about this project or donating please contact me.

 Kind Regards,

 President of the Club. (title)

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